Dig Deep DNS Toolkit

Installation Instructions

Since I do not have any sort of easy to use script for installing any of the digdeepdns toolkit, here's a set of instructions for installing the Dig Deep DNS Toolkit after you have downloaded the gzipped tarball (the .tar.gz file that you can get from any of the download links above).

You can optionally copypasta any of the following one-liners into a standard terminal to download and extract all in one go and short-circuit steps 1 and 2 of the installation guide:

  1. Save or move the tarball into your home directory
  2. Run this command to extract the tarball: tar -zxf digdeepdns.tar.gz
  3. If you downloaded the Fooling Mode expansion: tar -zxf foolingmode.tar.gz
  4. Once the tarball is extracted, either open or create a .bashrc file in your home directory with your text editor of choice (if you're already doing this from your terminal, then it's easier to use nano, vim, or emacs) and add the following alias: source ~/.dddnsrc
  5. Save your .bashrc file, then run source ~/.bashrc to reload your bash profile.
  6. Enjoy your new set of Dig Deep DNS Scripts!